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These pages are maintained by Bobby MacLaughlin and James Crook .

The pages cover subjects which are of interest to one or both of us. Topics include:

Muscle Effect Therapy. A touch therapy practiced by Bobby which changes the tensions held in muscles.

The technique has some similarities to techniques known as Deep Tissue, Alexander Technique and Hellerwork, but also significant differences.

Co-counselling. DIY counselling; An international network of people who have trained in co-counselling techniques.

Co-counsellors learn techniques for being clients as well as the techniques of being counsellors, and they work with each other trading time rather than money.

Papa A not-for-profit amateur press association. An amateur press association (APA) is an organisation of around 20 people who write regularly. In Papa, at two monthly intervals a magazine is produced by photocopying, and distributed to the APA members.

Irish Seed Savers. Organisation preserving traditional Irish varieties of plants and seeds.

[This was once maintained at this site, but it has now moved to a new site all of its own, , and has been considerably updated]

Tech Spec A series of technical speculative articles written by James covering topics in evolution, biological mechanisms, software and algorithms. These technical articles are starting points for discussion for anyone interested. If you would like to follow up or argue about the ideas or add your own, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

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bobby.htm Bobby MacLaughlin's home page.
bodyarm.htm Wilhelm Reich and 'Body Armour'.
coco.htm Co-Counselling Ireland.
codestd.htm Coding Standards for C++.
crossed.htm Why the left brain controls the right side.
dprog.htm Dynamic Programming - It's an upgrade to recursion.
index.htm Welcome file (i.e. this file) for the catalase site.
james.htm James Crook's home page.
james2.htm Ideas history. How the technical articles connect.
met.htm Muscle Effect Therapy home page.
papa.htm An amateur publishing association.
paparegs.htm Rules and Regs for Papa.
retina.htm Is the octopus eye better designed?.
tech.htm Technical articles Index.
thought1.htm What are dreams, laughter music and hypnosis for?.
thought2.htm Mini review of four approaches to the mind; Luria, Dennett, Wolff, Pinker.

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